Varian Agilent Tri Scroll Vacuum Pump Repair 300's and 600's @ UNBEATABLEprices!!!
We exceed expectations.
15 years of repairing vacuum pumps.
Specializing in Varian Agilent Vacuum Pumps Only.  

What We Do

Winvac Services rebuilds and services Tri Scroll 300 and Tri Scroll 600 Pumps. As soon as we receive your pumps, we inspect the Tri Scroll. If the Tri Scroll is found in need to rebuild, we start right away. If the Tri Scroll is found not ok to rebuild, we will contact you right away with pictures of the Tri Scroll Pumps.

We replace with all new parts for the rebuild on the Tri scroll 300 and 600 pumps. We clean all parts, the outboard scroll, the orbital scroll, and the inboard scroll. The scrolls get all new O-rings, and bearings, and tip seals. We reassemble the tri scroll 300 and 600 pumps to the original specifications and then we start the break in time for the tri scrolls.

We also Offer cleaning of your hazardous pumps that we rebuild for an additional fee. Please inform us of what type of chemicals have been pumped through the Tri Scroll 300 and 600 pumps.

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